Fuel price sensitivity among consumers is an issue that causes tension and concern in the industry. Independent chain 7-Eleven has approached this issue in an innovative way with the launch of a new mobile app which will allow users to view the prices of fuel at their local 7-Eleven service stations and lock in that price for 7 days.

When a user chooses to ‘lock it in’ the app generates a barcode that the user can scan on the day they purchase to access that price, with the barcode valid for 7 days.

ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie spoke highly of the innovative approach “this app is a great initiative. It empowers consumers to be able to take advantage of the low points in the fuel price cycle, even if they do not need to fill up on that day”.

Using the app does not force customers to purchase at their locked in price, if the price on site on the day the fill up is lower then they pay the lower price.

The 7-Eleven app is available for iPhone and Android devices via download from the App Store and Google play now.