Josephine Lim, 16 March 2016

ADELAIDE motorists could be facing one of the biggest fuel price rises in 15 years and retailers have been accused of pumping them up out of greed

The RAA has found more than 20 per cent of Adelaide retailers had raised their unleaded petrol prices by 20c a litre, some even increasing by 35c a litre.

RAA senior analyst Chris West said such rises were unjustifiable.

“If this price hike of 35c per litre succeeds, this would be the largest price hike in Australia in the last couple of months and largest in Adelaide for as far as our records show … which goes back to 1999 to 2000,” he said.

“Some places are up to $1.19 but we are seeing a number of sites reaching $1.29, this cannot be justified.

South Australian motorists have been enjoying prices under $1 a litre for weeks, but Mr West said huge price jumps would be “outrageous” as fuel retailers were still achieving their profit margins.

“This is cash grab by some of the retailers,” he said.

Caltex Woolworths at Campbelltown was at 94.7c a litre on Wednesday morning and it hit $1.29 by the afternoon.

But not all Caltex Woolworths sites around Adelaide had followed suit with the price hike, as the RAA advised consumers to shop around for prices at $1 or lower.

Mr West said the price jump was hitting the western suburbs and northern suburbs around Salisbury the hardest on Wednesday.

“We’re hoping but cannot guarantee the elevated prices would come down,” he said.

“But as part of the normal fuel cycle, we’re expecting the fuel price to reach about $1.19 per litre.”

Mr West said price rises now, however, could be followed by falling prices throughout the Easter long weekend next week.

“If the price spikes succeeds, we could see falling prices throughout the Easter long weekend.”

Extracted in full from the Adelaide Advertiser.