Peter Strong, 30 March 2016

A petition signed by 29,000 people supporting the government’s decision on the effects test was presented to the Federal Minister for Small Business, the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP at Parliament House yesterday. 

The CEO of COSBOA, Peter Strong, yesterday presented the Federal Minister for Small Business (and Assistant Treasurer), the Hon. Kelly O’Dwyer MP with a petition signed by 29,000 people supporting the introduction of an effects test and improved choice for consumers

Mr Strong stated “these are the names of people who support the decision recently made by the government to strengthen section 46 of the Competition regulations.  These people want better choice and cheaper prices as well as an improvement in productivity that will come from better competition.”

Mr Strong added “we know that there are very few people who disagree with the decision but these people, a small number, are ignorant of the way competition is regulated and have received poor advice.  These people’s views are also influenced by the most dominant businesses in Australia who are either threatened by fairness or have a problem with not being the arbiters of government industry policy. The strength shown by the Turnbull government and in particular by Scott Morrison and Kelly O’Dwyer is acknowledged.”

Mr Strong also added “the fact that the Chairman of the ACCC Rod Sims supports these changes as recommended by an independent inquiry headed by Professor Ian Harper shows it is the right decision. We wish the defeated protagonists would understand this is the will of the people and move on. In the end they are retailers not policy makers.

29,000 people have spoken, 96% of businesses have spoken, the ACCC has spoken, Ian Harper has spoken and the government has spoken.

Let’s get back to business.