Janice Harris, 27 April 2016

THE wait is over for north Orange residents who had to drive in to Orange to get petrol until now.

At the weekend the 24-hour Woolworths North Orange Petrol Station opened for business.

Manager Simone Sutherland said not only will north Orange residents be able to use the facility, it will offer food 24-hours a day for truck drivers and other travelling customers.

“We have a good set up here so the truckies can park and although we don’t have dine in, we can offer them a food and drink service so they can have a break,” Ms Sutherland said.

She said the 24-hour seven day a week service will include security with the main doors closing at 10pm.

“Anyone can be served through the special after hours window we have operating and that includes food, drinks and paying for petrol,” she said.

“I think people who are travelling will find it very useful to be able to get something to eat or drink 24-hours a day, now that McDonalds isn’t open 24-hours,” she said.

A spokesperson for McDonalds North Orange confirmed the takeaway food and restaurant outlet only operates 24-hours a day on Friday and Saturday nights.

In recent weeks Orange City Council has carried out remedial work at the intersection of the Northern Distributor Road and Leeds Parade in anticipation of increased traffic volumes.

Woolworths petrol station is located on the eastern side of the intersection and the soon to be open Bunnings store located on the western side of the intersection.

The Bunnings development is valued at $16.5 million and the 17,000 square metre building includes 9150 square metres as well as spaces for 330 cars.

Yesterday a spokesperson for Bunnings said the new store is on track to open in the middle of the year with 70 new positions to be created.

“This will bring our total team to over 175,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson was not able to provide an update of plans for the Bathurst Road site yesterday.

Extracted in full from the Central Western Daily.