For more than 30 years, Arthur J. Gallagher has been forging partnerships across the Australian fuel and transport sector. As leading insurance specialists in the fuel and dangerous goods space, they are a recognised market leader with the ability to provide a high quality insurance solution for your business.

“Our history in Australia (as part of the former OAMPS Insurance Brokers) stems from the fuel industry, so it’s no surprise that we’ve had a long standing partnership with ACAPMA, explains Tania O’Day, National Strategic Partnerships Manager at Arthur J. Gallagher.

“Arthur J Gallagher and ACAPMA have many shared objectives, albeit that we’re tackling the same challenge or opportunity from a different angle”, said Tania.

“We’re also delighted to be the Gold sponsor at September’s APFI Forum (Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum) conference which will create new, as well as forge deeper, connections between the Australian and South East Asian businesses including ours. The opportunities for us in that space are significant.”

“In Australia we have a strong association with small to medium sized business owners, and I see a natural fit with businesses looking to connect with their Asia counterparts to unlock future growth opportunities”, said Tania.

“As a global organisation focused on growth ourselves, we are fully aligned and excited about ACAPMAs longer term ambitions”, Tania continued.

Through its long-standing association with ACAPMA, Arthur J Gallagher continues to work closely with businesses across Australia to identify the key risks facing the industry. The insights and learnings from these conversations help us to develop specialist insurance solutions to meet the real needs of those businesses.

“Most people probably don’t know that Arthur J Gallagher does a lot of work behind the scenes with ACAPMA to advise emerging risks and work with ACAPMA to discuss how education strategies and/or new practices could be put in place to address these risks”, said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

“The development of ACAPMA’s training package is a case in point as is the ongoing discussion about the increasing frequency of fuel delivery errors that was observed by Arthur J Gallagher last year”, continued Mark.

“The risks associated with fuel and dangerous goods are complex, so you need to tackle them from all fronts – including keeping a close eye on signals that there may be regulatory change on the horizon”, Tania said.

“Oilpac, a customised fuel and dangerous goods insurance solution, is one example of how industry and customer feedback results in a high quality, tailored product.”

“Oilpac provides a business with a base cover and additional benefits that are specific to the fuel industry, from the petrol bowser or the convenience store to the refinery, across Australia and/or beyond. Where clients are looking for a more comprehensive cover arrangement, we can also provide expertise across management liability, business income protection, and credit insurance.”

Oilpac also brings a number of signature benefits, including:

    • Tailored wordings based on feedback from clients and industry specialists
    • More than 30 years’ experience in the fuel and dangerous goods industry
    • Emergency Response team available 24/7
    • Access to transport emergency response plans
    • Free advice on agreements and contractual matters
    • Full support of Fuel Industry Association ACAPMA

“In Australia and New Zealand, we’re regarded by many clients as their local business partner – they like the fact that we’re on their doorstep and in the places where they do business, said Tania.

“Having strong ties with organisations like ACAPMA along with close working relationships with the local community, we are invested in truly understanding the prevailing issues at significant depth and a personal level – I think that makes what we offer unique and pretty special’, Tania continued.

For an informal chat, call our specialist broker team today:

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    • John Wholley (Perth) – Western Australia – 08 6250 8318
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Arthur J Gallagher is proud to be a Gold Partner of the 2016 Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum to be held in Singapore between 13 – 15 September 2016