Michael Randall, 07 April 2016

MELBOURNE’S thirst for cheap petrol has sent bowsers at a new service station in the southeast into meltdown.

Drivers clamoured for a slice of the special 83.9 cents a litre price at the new Caltex Woolworths station on Police Rd in Springvale, near the Sandown Village shopping strip.

Tony Moretto, of nearby barber Menz Only, said the street had been lined with cars all day, waiting to fuel up on the cheap juice.

But he said the station was forced to shut down after an apparent malfunction at the pumps.

“They opened today and they did cheap fuel,” Mr Moretto said.

“The street was crazy, the cars were queuing up.

“But they’ve have had to block it off because something is wrong with the pumps.

“I asked the lady who was putting the cones out and she said they have plenty of petrol, but the pumps aren’t working.”

A shopper docket would score an extra four cents off the price per litre, dropping it down to an almost unheard of 79.9 cents.

Extracted in full from the Herald Sun.