Clare Peddie, 12 April 2016

GAMBLING with deep-sea drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight is too risky for South Australia, state politicians will be told on Tuesday.

Former Environment Minister and Member for Colton Paul Caica is hosting a lunchtime briefing at Old Parliament House on the risks of BP deepwater drilling in The Bight.

“I believe it’s appropriate for members of Parliament to be given the opportunity to hear aspects of the exploration proposal from a different perspective,” he said.

“Especially given the fact that public information has not been available in relation to BP’s environment plan.”

The energy giant wants to explore for petroleum 400km west of Port Lincoln in waters up to 2.5km deep.

It submitted a revised plan to the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Auth-ority last month. Its original plan, submitted in October, did not satisfy all the criteria.

“We should not be gambling with some of our most successful sectors,”

Wilderness Society SA director Peter Owen said, adding an oil spill in the Bight could devastate SA’s fishing and coastal tourism industries.

The briefing comes as the Wilderness Society is set to protest on Thursday in Melbourne and London, to coincide with BP’s annual general meeting.

Extracted in full from the Adelaide Advertiser.