Leighton O’Brien has announced that its market-leading underground tank and line integrity services are now available for fuel businesses in Western Australia.

“We are extremely pleased to now offer a fully independent testing service to the West Australian fuel industry”, said Leighton O’Brien General Manager Toby Griffin.

“The state-wide delivery of these services will be managed by our Perth-based technician, Ray Pearson”, said Toby.

The announcement means that Leighton O’Brien will now be able to provide West Australian fuel businesses with a comprehensive suite of precision
tank and line integrity testing services, including:

  • Tank and line integrity testing
  • Pre and post bury testing on new installations
  • Pressure line leak detector testing
  • Secondary containment testing
  • Vapour recovery testing
  • Fuel contamination response management
  • CARB testing
  • AST inspections and testing
  • Groundwater well inspections

ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie welcomed the expansion announcement by Leighton O’Brien.

“In an industry where margins are wafer-thin and the costs of regulation continue to increase, it is important that fuel retail businesses take advantage of these types of services – as a means of both minimising economic loss arising from fuel leakage and ensuring that their maintenance practices maximise the useful life of their underground storage tank assets”, said Mark.

ACAPMA’s liaison with various State/Territory governments in Australia over the past 12 months reveals that there is an ever increasing focus on the management of risks arising from underground storage tanks at service station sites – largely as a result of the increasing age of these assets.

This focus is most prevalent in Victoria, where the State Government has implemented a legislated reporting and audit programme designed to minimise leaks from underground storage tanks (http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/our-work/publications/publication/2015/august/888-4)

As stated in ACAPMA’s Public Policy document (http://www.acapma.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/ACA059_public_policies_online_150422.pdf):
“ACAPMA is committed to the safe installation, commissioning and maintenance of fuel supply infrastructure (i.e. fuel transportation vehicles, fuel outlets and fuel storage infrastructure)” pp 21.

“It is our firm view that our industry should voluntarily take all reasonable steps to minimise the risk of environmental harm from the operation of underground storage tanks”, said Mark.

“One way of doing this is to take advantage of the underground asset management services that are provided by companies like Leighton O’Brien”, Mark continued.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to offer a fully independent testing service to our WA customers and prospects and these services will be provided with the same focus on reliability, rigour and high quality standards that characterise the delivery of our services nationwide”, said Toby.

Further information

Businesses seeking more information about the services offered by Leighton O’Brien should contact Robyn Celebi or Kathleen Baker on (03) 9804 2200 or email to fieldservices@leightonobrien.com.