Earlier this month, the Motor Traders Association of NSW entered into a partnership with ACAPMA in an action designed to create a strong and united voice for the many small businesses that retail fuel in NSW.

At a practical level, the partnership involves the provision of specialist advocacy and industry information services to all members of the MTA NSW Service Station Division (formerly known as the Service Station Association) by ACAPMA.

As the national peak body for fuel retailers and fuel distributors, ACAPMA is in a unique position to provide a comprehensive suite of industry support services to MTANSW members – largely as a result of the Association having specialised in national representation of the fuel industry for over 40 years.

Importantly, the partnership does not affect the membership rights of the members of either organisation. MTANSW members will remain members of MTANSW and ACAPMA members will remain members of ACAPMA – with each Association continuing to provide all industrial relations services to their own members.

All other industry support services will be provided by ACAPMA under the umbrella of the partnership.

“The fuel retail industry has gone through extensive changes in recent years and now comprises large, medium and small fuel retailer businesses that are independently owned”, said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

“While all retailers are equally affected by government regulation and policy, the variability in the size of fuel retail businesses means that they have different needs in terms of industrial relations assistance – and MTANSW has a great track record of supporting the small independent retailers”, said Mark.

“This partnership allows the voice of the smaller retailers to be meaningfully integrated with that of the larger retailers, whilst still ensuring that these smaller retailers continue to receive the tailored industrial relations services provided by MTANSW”, said Mark.

MTANSW also welcomed the formal establishment of the partnership.

“The service station operator has had to deal with a deluge of changing regulation at both State and Federal levels”, said MTANSW CEO Greg Patten.

“This partnership provides a means of protecting the operations of fuel retailers in NSW and the ACT, without any one segment of the industry being disadvantaged”, said MTANSW CEO Greg Patten.

1. All members continue to remain members (and retain voting rights) of the organisation that they were members of before the partnership was established – that is, MTANSW (Service Station Division) members remain members of MTANSW and vice versa.
2. Industrial relations services will continue to be provided separately by each organisation.
3. ACAPMA will provide industry representation assistance and industry information services to the MTANSW’s for its service station division constituents.
4. MTANSW members will receive the same discounts for attendance at ACAPMA industry events as those given to ACAPMA members – including the annual Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum to be held in Singapore in September 2016.
5. While both organisations will cooperate closely on industry policy and produce joint media statements, each organisation also reserves the right to make media comment that is specific to their membership where appropriate.

“This is an innovative partnership that accommodates the changing needs of fuel retail businesses, as they strive to maintain profitability in the face of constant changes to the trading and regulatory environment in which they operate”, said Mark.

“It provides an opportunity for the voices of small fuel retailers to be heard as part of a robust advocacy approach on issues affecting fuel retailers, while ensuring that these retailers continue to receive IR services that are tailored to their individual operations”, said Greg.


Businesses seeking more information about the partnership should contact ACAPMA on 1300 160 270 or MTANSW on (02) 9016 9000.