Clair Morton, 16 April 2016

THE thrill of paying $1 a litre for petrol never fades, but we all knew it couldn’t last forever.

Petrol prices across the Clarence Valley are slowly creeping back up, with the average price in Grafton sitting around 111.9 cents and some outlets in surrounding areas pulling out the twos again.

Thankfully, according to NRMA’s Peter Khoury, they shouldn’t get much higher.

“Prices are still pretty competitive; in fact Grafton right now is cheaper than Sydney so there’s still a bargain to be had,” he said.

“Sydney, at the high point of its last fuel cycle, got to 124 cents per litre. It’s always difficult to compare to Sydney’s unique cycle, but in Grafton you will get more love depending on where you fill up.

“Having said that the global trend is for a slight increase. When you look at movement in world oil prices, they have gone up a little bit but prices will creep up rather than leap.

“We’re not talking about a dollar, just a couple of cents.”

Beyond that, Mr Khoury said the reality was that oil and fuel prices were so volatile it was very difficult to forecast prices beyond the next cycle.

His advice? Shop around while there are some bargains still in town.

For residents in the James Creek, Harwood and Ashby areas however, it would be nice to shop for fuel anywhere nearby, after the closure of the United Petroleum service station on the Pacific Hwy, at Harwood.

It came as a surprise to many, but has been speculated to be partly a result of the Pacific Hwy upgrade.

It also comes after the closure of Ulmarra’s Shell outlet in recent months.

Extracted in full from The Daily Examiner.