07 April 2016

TWU uses victory to call for the Federal Government to back safe rates Order

In the wake of the Federal Court’s decision in Brisbane, the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) has issued a call to the Federal Government to back the Contractor Driver Minimum Payments Road Safety Remuneration Order 2016 (RSRO).

“The safe rates Order is now in place and I am urging all parties to end the scaremongering and the lies which have been put out about it,” TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon says.

“This Order will benefit the trucking community; it will begin the process of helping to save lives on the roads and making owner drivers’ businesses more sustainable.”

The transport union says the reports issued by the Federal Government last week “showed this Order and a previous Order would result in a 28% reduction in truck crashes,” as it will tackle pressures owner-drivers feel to complete their work.

“It will address pressure drivers are under to speed, drive long hours, skip mandatory rest breaks and skip maintenance on their vehicles because of financial squeeze placed on them by major clients,” a TWU statement says.

“Trucking is Australia’s deadliest profession with drivers 15 times more likely than any other profession to die at work. In March alone 25 people died in truck crashes.”

The TWU says it is also seeking an insistence for clients to pay drivers within 30 days of work completed.

The announcement comes shortly after the Brisbane Federal Court found in favour of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) and removed a temporary pause on the RSRO, which was scheduled to come into effect on Monday, April 4.

Extracted in full from Owner Driver.