2nd May 2016 3:11 PM  |  by Andrew Backhouse

TOOWOOMBA Regional Council has approved a new petrol station that will supply an under-serviced entry to our city.

To be built on a vacant lot at the intersection of Anzac Ave and Alderley St, the Freedom Fuel station will be developed by Knox Investments.

Environmental and traffic concerns had stalled approval.

Council had asked that two camphor laurel trees be retained at the site however the developers argued they needed to be removed to ensure safe access.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads agreed with the developers and the trees will be removed.

Council also expressed concerns that right turn movements to and from the development site to Alderley St would adversely impact traffic flows.

In response the developers undertook a detailed survey of traffic which they said showed there would be a minimal impact.

They also argued the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing would provide an alternative route to, and reduce traffic volumes on, the Gore Hwy.

However the final approval only allows for left turns in and out of the station and Alderley St – although that could be assessed at a later date.

The plans have provisions for four, two sided fuel dispensers which allow for two vehicles for each dispenser. That will allow eight vehicles at a time to use the station.

The plans indicate a Grinding Time Café will be included as part of the development.

The new service station is the latest of new stations and refurbished stations in the city.

The developers could not be contacted for comment.

Extracted in Full from:  http://m.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/new-service-station-coming-growing-suburb/3013900/