Proudly embodying the Turnbull Governments Idea’s Boom agenda, Sydney business Omni Tanker is a prime example of the strength of Australian innovation. Its locally produced, high-tech carbon composite pressure tankers will soon also be exported to Europe.

The traditionally accepted idea of evolution is one of gradual change and adaption, but every so often, a disruptive leap forward will occur and challenge the status quo in its very foundation.

When a young Sydney start-up called Evolution Tankers took the local manufacturing stage in 2007 and launched the world’s first carbon composite tank to the bulk liquid chemical transport industry, just that happened. Food grade and Dangerous Goods compatible, lightweight and strong, the company’s technology-driven design brought a whole new value proposition to the market and placed the young business firmly on the nation’s trailer building map.

Since then, much has changed: The start-up has gone through a successful maturation process that has seen it establish a highly capable executive team and Board of Directors to help it take on the next, crucial growth phase. To mark that new chapter for the company, CEO Daniel Rodgers, says, “we have recently launched a new logo and rebranded the company as Omni Tanker – a name which points to the potential for the company’s technology.”

Backed by a suite of patents granted on the Omni Tanker technology, the company is now making the move to extend its reach to a more broad-based audience – both locally and abroad.

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