Kieran Banks, 5/5/16

A DELIVERY van carrying today’s edition of the NT News was stolen and allegedly involved in an attempt to run down a Territory police officer.

Police arrested a 29-year-old man accused of jumping in the van while papers were being delivered to the Puma service station on Smith St just after midnight.

The man then sped off and allegedly drove the stolen van straight at a police officer stationed at an RBT site.

Territory Duty Superintendent Brendan Muldoon said the officer jumped clear of the oncoming van and avoided injury.

“Just after midnight, the van pulled into the Puma service station on Smith St and jumped out to deliver some papers and left the car running and someone jumped in,” he said.

“He drove around the corner and into an RBT site, where he allegedly tried to run over a police officer. Then he crashed the van just around the corner.

“It took about half an hour to catch up to him. Officers cordoned off the area and eventually we located him.”

Supt Muldoon said the man was expected to be charged with low range drink driving, unlawful use of a vehicle and recklessly endangering life.

Bundles of the NT News were reportedly strewn across Smith St after the theft.

There were some delays to paper deliveries this morning, but the majority of today’s edition of the NT News have made it to retailers.

Extracted in full from NT News.