Leonie Keen 30/4/16

Police are searching two bumbling burglars that perpetrated a number of robberies across Melbourne’s west that police have described as “amateurish” and “really clumsy”.

One of the crooks’ victims over their three-day crime spree was a 15-year-old dog sleeping in the backseat of a car they stole.

In one crime the thieves struck a bottle shop in St Albans, CCTV showing one of them stumbling about the store.

He was limping and bleeding after falling through a smashed window.

The only thing they managed to steal was a signed Shane Warne cricket bat.

The stealing spate started April 20 when they stole a man’s car from a Kensington service station shortly after 1pm.

After a five-day hiatus, the thief popped up to steal number plates from a car parked in Keilor East.

The next day the two men broke into the St Albans Foodworks, then two hours later they broke into a business in Sunshine.

Then the thieves stole a car with 15-year-old Bridget, a deaf and blind Shih Tzu, sleeping on the back seat. Her owner had gone inside to pay for petrol.

“I went into the shell service station to pay for the petrol, I came out and saw a man driving off in my car,” Bridget’s owner Karen Eccles told 7 News.

The old dog was found safe after the crooks let her out up the road.

Sergeant Darren Gilmartin told 7 News the criminals seemed well out of their depth.

“It’s pretty amateurish you’d say,” he said. “You would describe it as not sophisticated offending, really clumsy.”

Police are still searching for the not-so-dynamic duo.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page.

Extracted in full from Yahoo!.