In April of this year, MTANSW and ACAPMA announced that the two parties had entered into a partnership that involved the provision of ACAPMA’s enhanced employment services and industry advocacy services to MTANSW service station members.

The partnership decision was taken following 6 months of discussion between the two organisations about the structure and nature of the partnership, with both parties settling on a ‘back office’ partnership model that maintained the identity of both organisations in the marketplace.

The agreement included provision for a review of the operation of the partnership after the first three months, prior to a commitment for FY17 and each subsequent year.

Earlier this week, ACAPMA was advised that MTANSW had made a unilateral decision to exit the partnership at the end of the week (i.e. 30 June 2016).

This decision followed the shock sudden departure of MTANSW CEO Greg Patten and occurred without any consultation with ACAPMA.

“We are more than a little mystified about such a decision being taken so quickly and in direct contrast to the substantial efforts made on the part of both organisations to establish the partnership in the first place” said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

“That said, there appears to be some internal challenges within MTANSW at the moment and such challenges make it difficult for any organisation to maintain an operable partnership”, said Mark.

“From our perspective, the cessation of the partnership merely represents a lost opportunity and makes all of us at ACAPMA even more determined to continue to expand our industry support services for the benefit all fuel retail businesses”, Mark said.

ACAPMA will continue to work cooperatively with MTANSW and other key industry bodies in advocating the interests of fuel retail businesses in NSW, particularly in the lead-up to the new biofuels regulations, which is set to be introduced later this year.

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