TASMANIAN motorists are seeing petrol retail margins of 18c to 20c a litre compared to those interstate, the RACT says.

There continues to be no relief for Tasmanian motorists as petrol price margins skyrocket again despite last month’s Australian Competition and Consumer Commission report.

Last month, the Mercury reported on ACCC report findings that Tasmanians paid 12c a litre more for petrol than interstate motorists over the past five years because of a lack of competition.

The report also found wholesale petrol prices had dipped to 103.3c compared to 118c at the start of June. Despite this, retail prices had dropped as little as 6c for Tasmanian consumers.

“The wholesale prices have reduced by about 15c a litre since June 1 — we would reasonably expect the retail price to follow that but it has not been the case,” RACT spokesman Darren Moody said.

Mr Moody said part of the ACCC report was around the lack of price transparency from retailers and again called on the State Government to introduce legislative standards for fuel price boards.

“The RACT is again calling on the Tasmanian Government to introduce legislation that will force retailers to publish prices in real time, similar to the NSW Fuelcheck system that is about to be launched,” Mr Moody said.

“At the moment Tasmanians don’t have the luxury of any visibility into pricing across the state.”

Extracted in full from NT News.