A high level collaboration between a group of industry bodies in the Asia-Pacific will deliver the first Asia-Pacific Fuel Industry (APFI) Forum in Singapore, between 13 and 15 September 2016.

Singapore All Work All Play Video from ACAPMA on Vimeo.

Spearheaded by ACAPMA, the event has been developed with the co-operation and support of petroleum industry bodies across the ASEAN Region, including: Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

The event differs from most other petroleum industry events in the Region by being solely focused on issues affecting petroleum distributors and petroleum retailers. It comprises a major international conference and a trade hall.

The Conference features number of high profile speakers who will discuss the key strategic issues that are likely to shape the downstream petroleum industry in the Asia-Pacific, including Australia.

Key Australian and international speakers will address topics that are highly relevant to the future of the Asia Pacific Petroleum Market, including:

  • Developments in retail market competition and regulation
  • The near-term supply-demand outlook in the Region
  • The near-term fuel price outlook in the Region
  • Innovations in fuel retailing, fuel storage and inventory management systems
  • The future of fuel retailing in the face of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles

The Trade Hall embraces an innovative format that comprises both trade exhibits and the parallel delivery of a series of technical information sessions.

These technical sessions will be integrated with the conference programme to maximise exposure for all trade exhibitors with the aim of all attendees spending 50% of their time immersed in the Trade Hall over the two full days of the event.

“One of the most surprising observations in the lead up to our event this year has been people actually asking me why we are holding the event in Singapore, when I thought it would be pretty obvious”, said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

With the closure of three Australian refineries in recent years, the price and supply dynamics in the Australian market are likely to be increasingly influenced by the market dynamics in the wider Asia-Pacific Region.

In addition, changes in the structure of the petroleum equipment and services market have seen bigger regional businesses emerge with these businesses having the capacity to service customers in both the Australian and South-East Asian markets.

It is therefore essential for wholesale and retail businesses to understand this dynamic if they are to remain successful in the future.

The 2016 agenda has been developed to provide delegates with access to quality information about the supply and demand economics in the wider Asia Pacific region – including provision of a unique set of Country Reports detailing the nature of each of the national petroleum markets.

“Both the International Energy Agency and Platts will be providing in-depth information about the near term outlook for the Asia-Pacific Market – and this information is likely to be valuable to anyone wholesaling or retailing fuel in Australia”, said Mark.

With around 2/3 of the delegates drawn from Australia and 1/3 from Asia, the Trade Hall provides an opportunity for businesses targeting both the traditional Australian market and the emerging Asia Pacific Market.

This market is poised for change as the large State-owned Oil Companies (e.g. Petronas, PTT, Pertamina) seek to restructure their businesses to accommodate ASEAN’s desire for open competition in the Regional Fuel market – creating opportunities for new business relationships.

“Anyone that has worked in the Asian market will tell you that you must first build trust-based relationships before any business deal is contemplated – that is why we are going into the region now”, said Mark.

“Our work over the last 12 months has told us that there are significant opportunities for Australian businesses to market their products and services into SE Asia – and the Trade Hall concept has been developed to assist with the genuine exploration of these opportunities”, said Mark.

Given the above discussion, the Singapore event is not simply another ACAPMA Conference – it is ACAPMA’s bold first step in a strategy designed to meaningfully engage the wider Asia-Pacific market for the benefit of its’ members.

“Essentially, this is an event that has been designed to create a first time dialogue for all those involved in petroleum distribution and petroleum retailing in the Asia-Pacific with a view to realising long term strategic and commercial benefits”, said Mark.

This dialogue is part of a broader initiative that will hopefully see the formation of an Asia Pacific Industry Body in 2017, where ACAPMA will join with other country associations such as PTIT (Thailand), PDAM (Malaysia), PIP (Philippines) and Singapore to promote information sharing and best practice harmonisation within the wider Industry.

With just four weeks to go, there is still time to register for this exciting industry event.

At this stage, registrations have already been received from seven countries and some of the largest fuel retailers in the region, including: BP Australia, Caltex, Exxon Mobil, Petronas, Singapore Petroleum Company and Woolworths.

But it is not all work.

The 2016 Event finishes the day before the first day of practice at the 2016 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, providing participants with the opportunity to extend their stay for a few days and take-in this world class motor sport event.

To find out more about this event, or to register for the Forum, simply visit www.apfiforum.com.

There are also still some great value opportunities to exhibit in the Trade Hall. Inquiries about securing an ‘Exhibitor booth’ or ‘Business Pod’ at the event can be made by emailing ACAPMA via catherines@acapma.com.au.