Shell could be installing electric vehicle charging points across its British gas station network as soon as next year, the Guardian has revealed after accessing emails between the oil giant and government.

The move would signify a turning point in Shell´s position towards electric vehicles, and it would be the first major fuel retailer to bet on EV chargers for the UK.

In one of the emails a Shell employee refers to Shell´s ongoing discussions about EV charging points: “We are examining the potential to introduce electric vehicle charging points across some parts of our UK retail network from early 2017 onwards.”

People from Shell have also asked the government how serious it is about  developing wireless technology that will charge EVs on British motorways while driving, which were announced in August 2015.

Meanwhile, ExxonMobil has reportedly been lobbying against the increase in use of any form of alternative fuel or EV technology, claiming it is not a cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse emissions and EVs still lack the necessary infrastructure to be a feasible option, according to messages revealed by DeSmog UK.

Extracted from PetrolPlaza.