DARWIN is the only capital city in Australia where the overall price of unleaded petrol is decreasing, according to fuel firm Informed Sources managing director Alan Cadd.

“It’s a downward trend,” Mr Cadd said. “The trend is definitely upwards in other states.”

Yesterday, Darwin had the lowest price for unleaded fuel in the nation. Mr Cadd said the price of unleaded petrol in Darwin decreased by 9c/l over the past two months.

He was unsure why Darwin was bucking the national trend, but said lower fuel prices was a good thing for Territorians. Mr Cadd said Territorians should be shopping around and rewarding petrol stations charging low prices.

“Northern Territorians need to be using the Motormouth app,” he said.

Keeping the market competitive was an integral part of keeping unleaded fuel prices in the NT low, Mr Cadd said.

Using new data gathered in four in-depth regional studies, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims told News Corp Australia he hopes to publish early next year a “ready reckoner” showing the reasonable additional amount a motorist could expect to be charged in any given town.

Insights from investigating the fuel markets in Darwin, Launceston, Armidale and Cairns is telling the ACCC for the first time the extra costs retailers face for transport — and the effect of having lower sales volumes relative to city service stations. Armed with this information, the watchdog will aim to produce “a ready reckoner of what fuel should cost you in various places,” Mr Sims said.

Extracted from Adelaide Now.