A 45-year-old man who pleaded guilty to a $39 petrol drive-off has been sentenced to one month in jail.

Troy Brabham appeared at the Ballarat Magistrates Court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to a number driving related offences, theft from shop and failing to answer bail.

The court heard Brabham was seen by police – who were filling up their unmarked car at a Warrenheip petrol station in January – fill a car with $39 of petrol and leave without paying.

He was later intercepted in the same car and told police while he couldn’t remember the drive-off, it was probably him because he had done it a lot.

Brabham was intercepted by police again on August 8.

The car he was driving at the time had incorrect plates and was not registered.

Brabham only had a learners permit and had no accompanying driver or L plates displayed.

His lawyer told the court the offending occurred in the context of a difficult period.

She said Brabham was living in his car at the time and was using ice and heroin which led to the offending.

She added Brabham, who is currently serving a six-month sentence on drug-related matters, was currently progressing well in prison and was committed to staying on the right track.

Brabham was sentenced to one month jail – which will be served concurrently with his current term – for the petrol drive off and fail to answer bail charge.

On all other matters he was convicted and fined $1000.


Extracted from The Courier.