Queensland’s peak motoring body believes a lack of competition is causing a fuel price squeeze for Brisbane motorists, with figures showing it’s the third most expensive capital city for petrol.

The RACQ says Brisbane drivers paid an average of 120.2 cents per litre at the bowser in October, beaten only by Canberra (124.5), and Hobart on (122.5).

By comparison, Sydney and Melbourne both had an average of about 119 cents.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said a lack of operators in Brisbane resulted in higher prices.

“We don’t have the competition that many other cities have. We think that’s a key factor in why we pay more, constantly, than the likes of Sydney or Melbourne,” she said.

Ms Smith said retailers in regional Queensland towns like Bundaberg and Goondiwindi were selling petrol for less than Brisbane.

“Despite freight costs, regional Queensland service stations manage to sell ULP for less than we pay here in Brisbane,” she said.

The RACQ is urging motorists to keep shopping around and rewarding service stations with lower prices, even if it’s just a few cents cheaper.

Extracted from GWN7