The use of electric vehicles will be permitted on Lord Howe Island as a part of its switch to renewable energy in 2017.

The state government has been working with the Lord Howe Island Board to develop a conditional registration scheme to help with the Island’s vision towards a more sustainable approach to travel.

Member for Port Macquarie Leslie Williams said in line with the Island’s switch to renewable energy from next year, Roads and Maritime Services will fast-track a conditional registration scheme to allow for the broader use of electric vehicles, including golf buggies.

“Currently, residents rely on a fortnightly shipment of diesel and petrol delivered to the Island from Port Macquarie,” Mrs Williams said.

“Residents and businesses will significantly benefit from this change, which will mean people can recharge at their own convenience, wherever and whenever they like.

“Permitting this type of vehicle on the road will also provide motorists with a cheaper ‘green’ alternative compared with other electric vehicles on the market.

“At only 15 square kilometres, the compact size of the Island means there is constant interaction between vehicle drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, which is why any golf buggy approved for general use must meet strict vehicle standards to ensure safety isn’t compromised.

“Currently there are a small number of golf buggies with conditional registration on Lord Howe Island but travel restrictions apply.”

Approved vehicles under the new arrangement will have a 25 km/h maximum speed limit and unlike arrangements in place elsewhere, there will be no distance or time limitations, they can be used day or night. Registration will cost around $60 per year.

The community will continue to be updated about the implementation of conditional registration which will take effect in line with the Islands rollout of the renewable energy, expected from mid 2017.

Extracted from Port Macquarie News