MORE than 141,778 Brisbane residents have used a new State Government website to check if their car is compatible with E10 fuel.

But a north Brisbane mechanic warned it might not be the best thing for your car.

State Minister for Energy and Biofuels Mark Bailey said the Queensland E10OK campaign aimed to educate motorists on the benefits of using biofuels.

“The biofuels campaign focuses on the benefits of Queenslanders transitioning to this cleaner-burning fuel,” Mr Bailey said.

“It encourages motorists to take a fresh look at E10’s high quality, more modern car technology and highlights that E10 use helps to advance Queensland’s economy.”

Kippa-Ring’s SR Automotive manager Stewart Reid said E10 could do more harm than good to some cars.

“Most modern day cars are able to run on E10 but not all cars are,” Mr Reid said.

“Over a period of time (E10) can do damage to rings and values etc.

“In the short term you won’t notice much difference but after a period of time it will hurt your hip pocket.”

Mr Reid said premium unleaded fuels were the best for the car and for kilometres per tank.

“It does come down to personal preference,” Mr Reid said.

“Cars are a luxury and we have to run them on the budget we have.”

Mr Reid said he would not be using E10 fuel if he owned a sports car but said he might consider using it in a more basic car.

From January 2017 fuel sellers in Queensland will be required to sell a minimum amount of ethanol-blended petrol and bio-based diesel, which will give motorists more access to cleaner sources of fuel, while maintaining choice at the bowser.

Motorists keen to check if their car is compatible can visit

Extracted from Courier Mail