Junee’s tumultuous service station scene is set to receive another shakeup with Junee Fuels set to open on Seignior Street next Thursday.

The independent group has undertaken a complete redevelopment of the site once occupied by Junee Auto Centre on the corner of Seignior Street and Gaba Teppe Avenue.

The move provides some much-needed competition in town, with just two petrol stations in town and only one meeting its requirement to display its prices on state government website Fuel Check.

The arrival of new service station player generally heralds big savings for long suffering motorists. The site is set to feature brand new tanks and will also offer barista-made coffee, pastries and fresh sandwiches.

“The prices will be very competitive,” a Junee Fuels spokesperson said. “We will look after Junee customers.”

The station claims to have hired two Junee locals and management signaled further employment prospects may become available.

The new local business has entered into discussions with local business in the hopes of offering loyalty discounts. The station will be open from 5am to 8am seven days a week.

The move adds to the town’s eventful service station landscape, after United Petroleum opened on Broadway in June, only to close down less than three weeks later.

NRMA spokeswoman Rebecca Page said its the ‘little guys’ who keep prices “honest”.

“Greater competition leads to cheaper prices,” Ms Page said. “Retailers have to compete a little harder and it keeps the market honest.”

Shell Junee was selling petrol for 129.9 on Wednesday, while unleaded was on offer for 12 cents less in Wagga.

Extracted from Junee Southern Cross.