A CRYING bandit who robbed a suburban service station shook his victim’s hand then kissed him before making off with the loot.

A teary Ajak Magok, 26, thanked the bemused Caltex attendant and told him God would reward him for his generosity after being handed $650 from the till.

“You’re a good person, God will bless you.

“You can call the cops if you want, or even your boss. If your boss come I can kill him,” Magok said during the bizarre holdup.

The Sudanese migrant faced a plea hearing in the County Court this week after pleading guilty to robbery and perjury over the September 20, 2014, incident.

Judge John Bowman heard Magok approached the attendant at the counter of the Springvale South BP service station at about 11.15pm.

When the worker eventually asked Magok what he wanted, he replied, “Just give me what I want, I don’t want to hurt you.”

At that point, the attendant noticed an object tucked into Magok’s pants.

Prosecutor Catherine Parkes said when the worker handed the money to Magok he started to cry. He then talked to the victim about God and asked him for a packet of cigarettes and a $10 Optus recharge card.

Magok took a few steps away from the victim then came back to the counter and started crying again.

“He then shook the victim’s hand and kissed his hand twice,” Ms Parkes said.

After his arrest Magok concocted a false story to police that he’d been told by the attendant to stage the robbery and deliver him the money later, for which Magok was charged with perjury.

The court heard Magok was unemployed at the time and had turned to ice following the death of his uncle.

The plea hearing with resume in February.

Extracted from Courier Mail