PETROL prices are expected to fall in time for Christmas.

An analysis by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission showed petrol prices have already reached their peak prices in most capital cities, meaning they should fall just before the holidays.

“Sales of petrol across Australia are at their highest in the latter half of December, so the fact that prices should be decreasing, albeit from high levels, during a period of high demand will be some comfort to motorists,” said commission chairman Rod Sims.

Petrol in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane all hit their peak recently while the price of Melbourne’s petrol is already beginning to decrease.

Perth cycles regularly last seven days, and prices are expected to go up again on Tuesday and be at their cheapest on Monday, as usual.

“It is also important to note that as prices fall, the petrol retailers will move prices at different times, so it will pay to shop around.”

Motorists take advantage of petrol price monitoring apps, such as the apps from MotorMouth, FeulCheck and the NRMA, to make sure they are buying their fuel at the cheapest locations.

“These apps show that petrol prices do sometimes significantly vary in many buying areas,” Mr Sims said.

Extracted from The Senior