Dubbo is one of the most expensive places in the state to purchase unleaded fuel while 50 kilometres away in Wellington, they are enjoying some of the cheapest fuel available.

Motorists in Dubbo on Monday had to pay a minimum of 130.7 cents for a litre of E10 petrol and 132.7c for unleaded, while in Wellington, it was possible to fill up for 114.9c for either variation. The state average for unleaded is 127.1c.

Information from the NSW Government’s FuelCheck website and the NRMA showed Dubbo’s fuel prices have soared in recent weeks, placing them equal fourth most expensive of major towns and cities.

Dubbo motorists were paying an average of 116.4 cents per litre at the end of September, which rose to 128.4c at the end of October, according to NRMA data. By November it had reached 133.6c and has remained stable in the first week of December.

Diesel was more even, with an average price of 122.9c in Wellington and 124.9c in Dubbo. The state average for diesel was 122.1c.

NRMA director for Western NSW Fiona Simson said the price difference of fuel between Dubbo and Wellington was “concerning”.

“It’s extraordinary and it sounds like the price discrepancy that has gone on between Parkes and Forbes, where Parkes could be several cents more expensive despite being 30 kilometres apart,” Ms Simson said.

“Parkes has improved because a spotlight has been shone on it.”

Ms Simson encouraged people to use either NRMA app or the NSW government’s FuelCheck website to ensure they were finding the cheapest fuel and supporting retailers who were most reasonable.

“Consumers need to vote with their feet because that can help drive down prices. It’s easy to get into the habit of going to the service station that is on the way home or close to work.”

An investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission into the price of freighting fuel to regional areas may also help consumers, Ms Simson said.

Some experts are predicting a hike of eight cents per litre over the holiday period.

Ms Simson said she hoped such rises wouldn’t eventuate but encouraged people to shop wisely, and plan their fuel refills at the cheapest outlets in the cheapest towns.

In Wellington, motorists could purchase E10 petrol for 114.9c a litre at the Woolworths Petrol outlet on Monday and unleaded from the BP service station for the same price. The Coles outlet offered unleaded for 120.9.

Dubbo’s cheapest E10 was 130.9c at the two United retailers, Caltex outlets at Cobra Street and Windsor Parade and the Woolworths outlet at Orana Mall. The most expensive was 133.9c at the BP on Erskine Street.

The best value unleaded came from the United on the corner of Cobra and Fitzroy streets, the Woolworths outlet at Orana Mall and the Caltex retailers on Cobra and Erskine streets, which are all offering 132.7c.

Extracted from The Land