DARWIN’S newest fuel operator is still beating its competitors prices by 10c/l two weeks after opening its doors.

Locally-owned FuelXpress, which sits outside major fuel companies sourcing its product independently, listed its diesel and unleaded petrol prices at 119.9c/l at its Coonawarra Rd site in Winnellie yesterday.

United, Puma and Shell all hovered around the 129.9 c/l for unleaded without a discount voucher while the diesel price was around 125.9c/l.

FuelXpress operations director Pat O’Connell said his prices would move over the next few days however the move would not be dramatic. He said FuelXpress would always strive to deliver “fair” pricing.

“We aren’t competing with the other distributors,” he said. “Our sales so far are within expectations. We have an efficient business model which puts the customer in full control. They can pay at the bowser and away they go. There is no need to walk anywhere else.“

Darwin drivers were experiencing record low fuel prices during October when United dropped its unleaded prices to 99.9c/l with a discount voucher despite the terminal gate price being well over a 100.00c/l.

The TGP is an average of the major fuel companies wholesale price. Since then the prices have slowly crept back around the 130.00c/l. The TGP yesterday listed unleaded fuel at 116.2c/l and diesel at 113.7c/l.

Fuel prices have been a major issue for Territorians with an ACCC report finding the NT had been subject to price gouging.

Earlier this year the previous CLP Government introduced the Fuel Price Disclosure Act 2016 requiring fuel companies to disclose their profits and how they arrive at the price at the pump. Penalties including jail can be imposed for failing to comply.

FuelXpress’s Winnellie site is the first of several sites it plans to open by 2019 including a multi-million dollar truck stop on Tiger Brennan Drive.

Mr O’Connell said the company was launching a Fleet Card today.

Extracted from The Advertiser