ACAPMA President (and Victorian Board Member), Philip Molineux resigned his position last week but will continue to represent the industry as a member of the ACAPMA Board.

Philip advised the Board that the decision was a tough one but was made necessary by the fact that he was juggling leadership of both ACAPMA and his employer – the Bonney Group – at a time when both organisations were undergoing significant change.
“On balance, I felt that it would be better for me to step down as ACAPMA President in the hope that someone was able to support our CEO with the execution of the 5-year business strategy that the Board approved last year”, said Philip.

Philip was elected ACAPMA President in September 2013 and has shepherded the organisation through a period of substantial change, including installation of a new CEO in February 2015 and the implementation of a strategy designed to position the Association as the leading national advocate for both fuel wholesalers and fuel retailers.

“I have to admit to feeling that I am leaving with some unfinished business but I am confident that Wade Death has all the skills needed to continue the substantial progress that has been made towards the creation of a strong and powerful advocate for fuel wholesale and fuel retail businesses in Australia”, said Philip.

The ACAPMA Board elected Wade Death to fill the role of ACAPMA President until the position comes up for election in the second half of 2017.

“I am excited about taking on the role and am keen to play my part in helping to strengthen ACAPMA’s representation of fuel retailers in Australia and to develop industry support services that address some of the more pressing challenges facing our industry”, said Wade.

Wade is the NSW Board Representative and the owner of a new retail business that operates 4 sites in NSW using an innovative business model – Jack & Co. The business model combines traditional fuels marketing with an innovative fresh food concept.

“ACAPMA has a proud tradition of representing fuel wholesalers and now, thanks to Philip’s recent leadership, we have an opportunity to cement our position as a leading advocate for fuel retailers as well”, said Wade.

“On behalf of everyone at ACAPMA, I would like to thank Philip Molineux for his leadership of the Board and am glad that he has chosen to continue as a member of the ACAPMA Board”, said Wade.

As a result of the recent Board elections, Troy Bennet (Treasurer and Tasmanian Representative) and Trevor Bayliss (Vice-President and South Australian Representative) were re-elected to the ACAPMA Board for a further 2-year term.