6 December 2016

Chief Executive of the NTC Paul Retter said the latest updates to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, which sets out the technical requirements for transporting dangerous goods by road or rail, will continue to keep people safe and protect our environment.

“Among the updates, there will be new rules governing the transport of dangerous goods in limited quantities to reduce the regulatory burden for business owners and provide continued assurance that these goods are transported safely and efficiently,” Mr Retter said.

Amendments include increasing the placard limit from one to two tonnes for all limited quantities and introducing simpler documentation for household and personal care substances.

“Reducing the regulatory burden remains a priority for us where it does not present unacceptable safety risks; and we encourage operators who transport freight classified as dangerous goods to provide input into potential reform opportunities,” Mr Retter said.

The NTC works closely with key industry and government stakeholders to review the Australian Dangerous Goods Code every two years as part of an ongoing strategy to align domestic land transport requirements with the United Nations’ recommendations for the safe transport of dangerous goods.

Visit the NTC website to view all of the changes outlined in Edition 7.5 of the Australian Dangerous Goods, before it takes effect.