MORE Queenslanders are buying E10 petrol according to the latest fuel sales data.

RACQ analysis of the latest fuel sales data found that 35.6 million litres of E10 was sold in Queensland in October, an 11 percent increase on the previous month.

RACQ’s Paul Turner said the increase came ahead of the ethanol mandate which would be introduced on 1 January.

“Even though we’ve seen a climb in the amount of E10 being used, the October sales still account for only half the mandated volume,” Mr Turner said.

“At the start of next year all fuel retailers will be required by law to ensure that up to three percent of their total regular unleaded and ethanol blended petrol sales each quarter are biofuel based. This figure will rise to four percent by 1 July, 2018.

“To fulfil the mandate more people would need to take up E10.”

Mr Turner said it would be important Queensland motorists still had choice in the fuel they wanted to purchase.

“If people want to continue filling up using unleaded petrol, they should have the option to do so.”

Mr Turner said RACQ would closely monitor any influence E10 sales have on other fuels.

“In New South Wales, we saw a dramatic increase in the sales of more expensive premium fuel once the E10 mandate was introduced,” he said.

“So far in Queensland, the E10 usage hasn’t influenced premium sales, which is a positive thing.

“We would encourage motorists to continue to try E10 see if it impacts on fuel usage and the performance of your vehicle, but by all means give it a go.”

Extracted from Fraser Coast Chronicle