A service station in Adelaide’s north has caused a stir, spiking its petrol price to almost $2 a litre.

The independently operated Mogas outlet at Parafield Gardens was selling unleaded on Wednesday for 199.9 cents a litre, well above the average price around Adelaide of 129 cents.

Motoring group the Royal Automobile Association says the price would easily be the highest in Australia and can’t be justified in the current market conditions.

“It’s not a price we can rationalise commercially,” RAA senior analyst Chris West told AAP.

“It’s beyond a mistake. We can’t explain the rationale behind it.”

A worker at the service station said he didn’t know the reason for the increase and had only been told to post the price.

But he said some people had still been driving in to fill up before complaining about the cost.

“That’s why you check the board first,” he said.

A spokesman for Mogas Regional in Adelaide said it supplied fuel to the outlet but as it was independently run, all decisions on pricing were in the hands of the service station’s operators.

Other media reports said the site had recently been sold by Mogas to the On The Run chain of petrol outlets but the company had decided not to renew the operator’s lease, prompting the high price as a protest.

At the near $2 price, filling up a large car would cost about $120.

Mr West said the price was also well above the highest ever recorded in Adelaide when unleaded rose to 174 cents a litre in July 2008.

At that time oil prices were sitting around 152 cents a litre compared to the current price of about 55 cents.

Extracted from Cairns Post