The RAC and Puma Energy have teamed up to offer a petrol discount to the motoring mutual members.

The initiative is the latest in a string of partnerships struck by the RAC with the aim of bettering leveraging off its large membership base.

The RAC said members would save 4¢ a litre off the posted fuel price at 67 participating Puma Energy locations across WA, including Gull and Peak service stations.

“In a state like ours which covers an area of 2.5 million square kilometres, our members are often driving long distances and a 4¢ per litre discount can add up to a big saving, and is another way that RAC is giving back to its members,” RAC executive general manager Patrick Walker said.

Puma Energy is owned by global commodities trader Trafigura.

Since entering the Australian market in 2013, Puma has rapidly expanded across the country, now operating more than 270 retail service stations, 20 depots and three bulk seaboard terminals, including a 24-hour diesel network and fuel card offering.

Extracted from The West Australian