FAULTY fuel pumps have been found at scores of Victorian service stations, official tests reveal.

Checks discovered dodgy bowsers were ripping off some motorists — but giving more a financial windfall.

Hundreds of drivers suspecting bowser errors complain to the responsible federal authority annually.

National Measurement Institute tests of 1333 petrol, diesel and gas pumps statewide last financial year flushed out 83 that were under-pouring or over-pouring.

Gas pumps had the highest inaccuracy rates, with one in six tested recording errors beyond legally acceptable limits.

For petrol and diesel dispensers, one in 28 that were checked fell foul of rules.

“For the most part, where breaches are detected they are relatively minor and are corrected by the trader following issue of a noncompliance notice and advice from the inspector,” the agency said.

Motorists got more than they paid for at 52 of the fuel bowsers tested in Victoria, data obtained by the Sunday Herald Sun shows.

Drivers were short-changed at 31 of the checked bowsers.

Details of outlets caught flouting regulations are not released due to legislated “privacy provisions”.

The NMI did not disclose the size of mistakes uncovered.

Nationally, just two petrol stations were fined a combined $1750.

“Depending on the severity of the breach, businesses continuing to not comply with the law may either receive a warning letter; be issued with an infringement notice and associated fine; or in the most severe cases, be referred for prosecution,” it said.

The maximum permissible error for petrol and diesel dispensers is plus or minus 0.3 per cent of the volume delivered.

The acceptable LPG limit is plus or minus 0.6 per cent.

Inspectors did random and pinpointed checks of 3382 bowsers at 1458 retail outlets, including 600 Victorian businesses.

Nationwide, 169 fuel dispensers “over measured” to the advantage of consumers, and 91 “under measured” to the disadvantage of consumers.

Fuel accounts for two-thirds of all complaints about potential trade measurement law breaches.

The agency received 459 fuel-related gripes in 2015-16. It found 44 were justified.

Extracted from the Daily Telegraph.