UPDATE 1.35PM: A graveyard shift worker had just thrown some rubbish in a service station bin when his night took a dramatic turn.

A man, armed with a shotgun, got out of a sedan that had just pulled up.

He pointed the gun at the service station worker and marched him inside.

CCTV taken at the store about 1.45am Monday showed the worker empty cash from the till into a plastic bag and giving it to the robber.

The man then walked from the store and sped off onto Steve Irwin Way.

It was the second of three robberies which happened in quick succession in the early hours of Monday morning.

BP Glenview console operator Kellie Golder said her co-worker was shaken but alright.

“Apparently he had bullets and everything on his chest as well,” Ms Golder said.

“So (it was) pretty serious.”

She said her colleague had handled the situation well.

“He didn’t get away with a lot of money.”

Meanwhile, Bellvista Tavern owner Scott Armstrong was just grateful that no one was in the pub when a shot was fired through the front glass door about 15 minutes before the BP Glenview robbery.

He said the suburban tavern had closed about two hours before the incident.

“It looks like he was trying to go for the ATM,” Mr Armstrong said.

He said the man left empty-handed after about four minutes.

The glass door was shattered and there were some shrapnel marks inside the pub.

Mr Armstrong said it was the most serious incident at the tavern since it opened nearly five years ago.

“It is surprising that it was a target.”

Extracted from Surat Basin.