With over 6,000 retail fuel outlets currently in operation in Australia, consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to stop for fuel and convenience items. As a result, it’s crucial that fuel retailers provide a clean, safe and visually-striking service station that attracts as many customers as possible.

One of the best ways to improve the roadside appeal of your business is to upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting. LED technology is designed to provide long-lasting, high-quality illumination while lowering energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at the benefits of installing LED light fittings both internally and externally within your fuel retailing business, and what it could mean for your bottom line. This initial article will focus on internal applications, while the next will focus on canopy and external lighting.


You should aim to make your retail setting as inviting as possible. A great lighting solution should create a comfortable, uniform environment that customers are happy to spend time in, but also allow them to find the items they need quickly and exit. It’s equally as important to evenly highlight product displays and important amenities such as ATMs and coffee facilities, avoiding shadowy spots and dark corners caused by inconsistent or unmaintained lighting.

A lighting solution featuring a high colour rendering index (CRI) will display your fresh fruit, foods, beverages and other items as they were intended to be seen – with bright, full and vibrant colours that seem too good to be true.

Switching to LED lighting can provide both the benefits mentioned above and more; LED light fittings use just a fraction of the energy required by traditional lighting, reducing operational costs. LED technology is also designed to last longer – meaning less money spent on maintaining your lighting system.


ACAPMA partner Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) offers a wide-range of LED lighting solutions perfect for internal retail applications, including the Cree CR series LED troffer. Available in 3 sizes and in a variety of lumen level outputs, the Cree CR Series offers excellent colour rendering via Cree’s TrueWhite technology to make your merchandise really stand out, while providing significant energy savings and years of near maintenance-free service. “The CR Series offer great-looking light while reducing energy consumption,” shared ADLT CEO, Richard Langdon. “In fact, we were so impressed that we’ve installed them in our own premises.”

ADLT also offer a range of Cree LED downlights that blend beauty and performance to provide superior light quality over a long life. The Cree CR & LR Series LED downlights are available in a variety of colour temperatures and can be recessed into the ceiling, perfect for in-store use and other internal areas such as toilets and storage rooms.

ADLT are also pleased to introduce Venture Lighting’s range of LED products to the fuel and convenience market. Known as VLED, this remarkable range of light fittings features excellent performance and flexibility at an affordable price. Visit www.vled.net.au for the full range of products on offer, including LED edge-lit panels, downlights, high-bay fittings and replacement LED globes.


Advanced Lighting Technologies are the petrol station lighting specialists – we’ve worked with some of Australia’s largest fuel retailers to provide LED lighting solutions that dramatically reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. Our experience in this area, combined with our carefully-selected product range and team of industry experts, means we’re able to deliver a total lighting solution designed to exceed your expectations from planning to installation and beyond. Whatever the application, whatever the budget – we’ll have a solution that fits your needs. Contact us today on 03 9800 5600 or www.adlt.com.au/petrol.