One of the best ways to improve the roadside appeal of your business is to upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting. LED technology is designed to provide long-lasting, high-quality illumination while lowering energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

Teaming up with ACAPMA-partner Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT), we recently looked at a number of long-lasting, energy-efficient LED luminaires that can improve the internal lighting within your fuel retailing business while lowering your energy usage and maintenance bills at the same time. In the second article of a two-part series, we’ll look at the options available for fuel retailers to light up external areas of their business.


With their target audience often driving past at speeds of up to 110 km/h, first impressions really do count for fuel retailers, and the canopy / forecourt area of your fuel retailing business is often the first chance you have to make a genuine impression on potential customers. It’s typically the most visible part of the property and can often be seen from furthest away. A bright, uniformly lit canopy can also reduce the risk of accidents and theft.

ADLT offer a range of lighting solutions suitable for installation in single and double skin canopies, soffits and other roof types, including the revolutionary Cree CPY Series. An industry leader, the Cree CPY250 LED luminaire now offers higher performance and greater value than ever before, backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Another option from Cree (one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers) is the 304 Series, specifically designed for installation into canopies and soffits. With near maintenance-free operation and lifetime energy savings, the 304 Series is ultra-efficient and suitable for both upgrades and new construction.


Perimeter and security lighting not only help to keep your business safely lit, they also provide an opportunity to make an impression from the road and display your brand prominently. Well-lit parking spaces, walkways and other amenities can make customers feel safe and welcome when entering your premises

ADLT offer a wide range of external lighting options designed to provide an excellent quality of light with a fraction of the energy used by traditional lamps. One such example is the Cree Edge High Output Area & Flood Light. Featuring industry-leading 90 CRI (colour rendering index) colour quality, the Cree Edge High Output Series provides remarkable illumination and redefine what high output lighting performance can be.

The Cree XSP Series were redesigned from scratch as totally-optimized LED luminaires, delivering incredible efficiency without sacrificing application performance. The XSP Series Wall Mount is suitable to displace obsolete technologies by up to 175W, while the XSP Series Area Light is an ideal replacement for outdated high-pressure sodium fixtures from 70W up to 400W.

Rounding out their series of incredible area & flood lights, the Cree OSQ Series blends extreme optical control with advanced thermal management and modern clean aesthetics. Available in both medium and large sizes, the OSQ’s slim low-profile design minimizes wind load requirements and blends seamlessly into its surrounds, providing impressive light quality and high versatility at an extremely affordable price.

Despite spruiking the values of a well-lit fuel business, rest assured that ADLT haven’t forgotten about unwanted light pollution upsetting the neighbours. ADLT CEO, Richard Langdon explains: “All of Cree’s external lighting products come with a range of optics, meaning light can be targeted exactly where it’s required, reducing unwanted spillage and glare”


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