Caltex has been ordered to pay more than $800,000 in fines and legal costs over a large petrol spill at its terminal in Sydney’s south.

In 2013, 150,000 litres of unleaded petrol gushed into a bund – or floating fenced area – at Caltex Australia’s Banksmeadow fuel terminal on Botany Bay.

The company has been issued a record $400,000 fine and ordered to pay the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s legal costs.

The protection watchdog said this spill could have caused significant environmental and community damage.

“Fortunately that did not happen in this instance but that does not lessen the significance of the incident,” EPA Chair and CEO Barry Buffier said in statement on Tuesday.

“Had Caltex applied their own required processes, then checks would have been in place to prevent an incident as serious as this from occurring.”

The spill occurred when a hose disengaged during a petrol transfer from a storage tank.

A “fountain” of fuel spilled into the bund, dousing two workers who were hospitalised, the EPA said.

A firefighter involved in the clean up was also taken to hospital.

Extracted from Yahoo7!.