Australian Standards 1940 The Storage and handling of Combustible Liquids has recently been the subject of a formal review.

Last revised in 2004, these Standards outline the recommended practices for the design, installation and operation of fuel storage and fuel dispensing infrastructure.

While all Australian Standards are not legally enforceable on their own, many of Australia’s Regulatory Bodies have adopted key elements of this Standard under State/Territory Laws governing the safe operation of service stations and the approval of new service station improvement works.

It therefore follows that this particular Standard is a very significant one for all fuel retailers, fuel wholesalers, equipment suppliers and those providing contracting services to the petroleum industry.

ACAPMA recently learned that a draft of these important industry standards had been released for comment.

Comments on the draft are due by 14 March 2017 – just three weeks away.

“ACAPMA is in the process of preparing a submission to the review process”, said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

“We are interested in hearing from any party that has a concern about the new draft, or anyone who believes that there were specific deficiencies in the old standard that should ideally be addressed in the new standard”, Mark continued.

A copy of the draft Standard can be found at

In order to meet the Standards Australia deadline, ACAPMA Members and Associates are asked to provide comment back to the ACAPMA Secretariat on or before close of business on Thursday, 9 March 2017. All comments should be emailed to

Alternatively, businesses wishing to make comment directly to this review process can download a copy of the Standard and make comment directly online by visiting and selecting AS 1940.