Since its launch on March 3, 2016, 7-Eleven’s world-first fuel app has saved motorists more than $1 million on fuel purchases.

The app allows motorists to search their five nearest 7-Eleven fuel stores to find the lowest price. Customers can then ‘lock in’ their best price and buy petrol for that amount at any 7-Eleven store in Australia within seven days. This means customers can get the best local deal on fuel, whichever 7-Eleven they fill up at.

7-Eleven says nearly 4.5 million searches for the best local price have been made through the app over the past 12 months, with about 20,000 searches a day this year.

Over the past year, nearly 300,000 fuel-price ‘locks’ have been redeemed through the 7-Eleven fuel app, and customers have saved an average of 10.5 cents per litre.

“The 7-Eleven fuel app is all about delivering great value, innovation and convenience to our customers as we strive to remain Australia’s first choice for convenience,” 7-Eleven Head of Marketing Julie Laycock said.

The 7-Eleven fuel app has been downloaded nearly half a million times, and is available free from the App Store and Google Play.

Extracted from Convenience World.