Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has fined a Traralgon business more than $7,700 for a diesel spill that spread through a stormwater system to Traralgon Creek.

EPA Gippsland Manager Stephen Lansdell said EPA officers, together with Latrobe City Council and the Country Fire Authority, traced the pollution back to the vicinity of Shakespeare Street and worked with Evans Petroleum Australia Pty Ltd and other businesses to stop and clean up the spill.

“Thanks to reports from the local community as our eyes and ears on the ground, EPA launched an investigation. With the help of council’s CCTV footage we found a rupture in a diesel tank line and a break in a concrete stormwater pipe that passed through the petrol station site,” Mr Lansdell said.

“While the extent and full impact of the spill was difficult to determine in this case, it is well known that hydrocarbons spilling into a waterway can be toxic on the environment.”

Mr Lansdell said the company was unaware of the fuel discharging from its premises and did not have adequate controls in place to determine fuel losses from above ground diesel tanks.

“Three EPA notices were issued to the company following the incident that required it to install measures to prevent further spills. All three of these notices have now been complied with,” Mr Lansdell said.

“EPA is continuing to work with Evans Petroleum to fully understand any contamination that exists at the site.”

Mr Lansdell said that at the time of the investigation the stormwater drain leading to Traralgon Creek had been flushed with water that was educted by trucks and taken to an appropriate facility for disposal.

Extracted from VIC EPA.