A gas leak at a petrol station in Melbourne’s north forced dozens to evacuate their homes late Saturday night.

About 25 people left their houses after a bowser began leaking gas at the Caltex Woolworths petrol station on Sydney Road, Coburg North.

An attendant at the station alerted emergency services when he was unable to stop an LP gas bower from leaking about 9pm.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade spokesman Trevor Woodward said fire fighters sprayed the area to disperse the gas to stop it from pooling.

He said households to the rear of the petrol station in Ross Street were evacuated as a precaution.

A section of Sydney Road was closed to traffic and trams, until a Caltex technician arrived.

“A short time later he was able to bleed the remaining gas out of the line,” Mr Woodward said.

The incident was declared safe about 10.45pm and residents returned to their homes.

Extracted from Brisbane Times.