Just after 9.15am on Tuesday March 7, two Metropolitan Fire Service trucks with eight firefighters responded to a leaking Liquefied Petroleum Gas tank.

The leaking tank was at the Coles Express Service Station on the Eyre Highway, Port Augusta West.

On arrival, firefighters found a liquid leak from a dispersing pump attached to the tank.

The service station and surrounding nearby homes were evacuated as a precaution while firefighters isolated the leak and reduced the pressure from the pipeline.

Firefighters took around 45 minutes to ensure the site was safe, and no injuries were recorded.

A Coles Spokesperson provided the following statement.

“Coles Express at Port Augusta West was briefly closed on Tuesday between 9am to 11am due to a LPG leak,” the spokesperson said.

“In line with our safety procedures, the team evacuated the site as a precaution and the fire brigade was called to attend. There was no concern to team or customer safety.”

“We apologise to customers who were inconvenienced while the site was closed.”

Extracted from The Transcontinental Port Augusta.