A $60,000 grant from the state government will help the RACT support a Tasmanian fuel price comparison app.

RACT chief executive officer Harvey Lennon said the club is working with GasBuddy, who have developed a real time global fuel pricing app, to enable the app to price “real time fuel pricing” in Tasmania.

“Its introduction will allow motorists to find the cheapest fuel across Tasmania day or night at no cost,” Mr Lennon said.

Mr Lennon said the RACT  welcomed the government’s steps to help consumers get “timely and transparent” petrol price information.

“Inconsistent fuel price boards at petrol stations across the state make it difficult for motorists to accurately compare prices, or even know what they will pay for their fuel,” he said.

Minister for State Growth, Matthew Groom announced the state government will work with the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) and the RACT on a code of practice to ensure only “undiscounted petrol prices are displayed”.

“This is a win for Tasmanian consumers and brings the state into line with NSW, Victoria and South Australia,” he said.

Mr Lennon said the RACT wrote to the government about the issue in 2014 and have been in formal discussions since 2016 about seeking a review of legislation.

“The RACT will work closely with the government to ensure the final outcome provides the sort of transparency Tasmanian motorists need when buying fuel” he said.

The app is currently available, but will be officially launched for Tasmanian motorists in April this year.

Mr Lennon said GasBuddy had advised the RACT that changes to the app would be progressively made between now and the launch date.

Extracted from The Advocate.