A heroic truck driver says his “natural instinct” compelled him to intervene when a violent thug ramraided a Yarraville service station late at night.

The shocking video footage from March 13 shows a white ute slamming into the doors of the 7-Eleven as the lone employee locks himself in the backroom. The thug uses a sledgehammer and crowbar to pry his way into the store, raiding the cash register.

The attacker is interrupted by a good samaritan truck driver and his son. Picking up a crowbar, the driver fends off the thug as police arrive on the scene.

The thief flees, leaving police to chase on foot and the truck drivers in pursuit behind the wheel of a police van.

Following a short pursuit, the attacker crashes his car and is arrested.

Speaking to 3AW this morning, the truck driver Peter said he first pulled over when he saw something amiss.

“I just noticed the guy having a big sledgehammer in his hand and I thought ‘that’s not right, he’s not buying nothing there’.”

Despite hitting the perpetrator “over ten” times, the thug continued to fight.

“I thought that I killed him there, I thought ‘you’ve got to be joking me’. Is this kid a robot or something?

“Every time I hit him, he’s just laughing at me.”


Extracted from Perth Now.