The service station where Caltex employee Zeeshan Akbar was allegedly murdered on April 7 has restricted its night time hours until it can guarantee the safety of staff.

The store will temporarily be closed between 11pm and 5.30am.

Mr Akbar was allegedly attacked by two teenagers at about midnight when he was working on his own at the Bungendore Road service station.

In the days after the stabbing, security was employed to accompany staff working throughout the night but the shifts returned to one attendee on the following Tuesday.

Staff spoke to Fairfax Media and said they felt frightened to work the night shift on their own.

Caltex attendee Hamid Mehmood said one of his other workmates, Shehroz, was working on his own one night last week and he felt unsafe.

He called Mr Mehmood at midnight and said, “I’m feeling uncomfortable, I can’t do it.”

A spokeswoman for Caltex said the particular store had decided to reduce the night hours.

“The franchisee has made the interim decision to put temporary hours in place until he can find a more permanent solution that would allow improved security,” the spokeswoman said.

“Obviously there has been a deeply troubling recent incident which has encouraged the franchisee to reevaluate his current security measures with the view to finding improvements.”

The Caltex spokeswoman said the company was sympathetic of the staff following the brutal death of their friend and colleague.

“They have clearly undergone an incident which no employee should have to endure,” she said.

Extracted from Braidwood Times.