CALTEX plans to spend more than $1.6 million to demolish its service station on Durham Street and build a brand new 24-hour outlet in its place.

A development application lodged lodged Bathurst Regional Council proposes a major redevelopment that will see the fuel tanks on the site removed and replaced with new tanks and construction of a new convenience store.

There will be three new fuel dispensers and fuel canopy, modifications to the Durham Street exit, landscaping and tree removal, 11 car parking spaces and new signage.

A statement of environmental effects (SoEE) submitted with the DA says the new underground fuel tanks would be pre-fabricated off-site and transported to the site for installation.

The statement notes that the site’s use as a service station over many years means it is likely to be impacted by contaminated soils.

“In this regard a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) has been prepared by Parsons Brinkerhoff to describe the scope and controls for remediation and management of the potentially contaminated soil associated with the UPSS replacement,” it states.

“The existing tank farm will be excavated and the underground storage tanks, fuel lines, bowsers and associated fuel infrastructure, will be removed.

“After removal of the tanks and lines, soils from the walls and floors of the excavation will be sampled to characterise the remaining soils.

“Further excavations may be considered if concentrations of contaminants in soil are considered to pose a risk to groundwater or to human health through the vapour intrusion pathway.”

The SoEE also addresses Caltex’s plan to make the service station a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week operation.

“Potential antisocial behaviour at the site should be considered given the 24-hour nature of the proposed operation,” it states.

“Specific security measures will be used such as CCTV cameras, external lighting and appropriate landscaping to deter would-be-offenders.

“The design of the building has also incorporated the principals of crime prevention through environmental design.”

A small number of trees will be removed but the SoEE says “replacement landscaping works including trees along the street frontages will suitably offset tree removal”.

The total estimated cost of the project is $1,632,314.

Extracted from Western Advocate.