A TEENAGE petrol station attendant says he is lucky to be alive after he was run over by a group of thieves as he tried to stop them stealing $12.50 worth of fuel.

Dylan Post, 18, said he was deliberately targeted by the thieves who ploughed into him in a white Nissan hatchback at the 7-Eleven on the corner of Mountain Highway and Dorset Rd on Sunday night.

Dylan, from Bayswater, had almost finished his shift when he noticed four teens in hoodies acting suspiciously at a bowser about 6.10pm.

He stopped the petrol and ran out to confront them.

A female at the pump got into the car, joining another female and two males.

One of the males started the car, accelerated and hit Mr Post almost head-on, sending him flying across the bonnet and into the windscreen.

He slid across the car and hit the car’s left-side mirror before landing heavily on his right hip as the car sped off.

“They intentionally steered and tried to hit me … it was a bit of ragdoll moment,” Mr Post said.

“I tried to run after them but I was in too much pain.

“The whole moment was like a blur. As I hit the ground, I was dizzy and dazed.

“It just shocked me, it was one of the most surreal moments of my life.”

Two witnesses helped him, before his mother took him to the Angliss Hospital for X-rays and scans. He was cleared of serious injuries but has bruises all over his body and is still in shock.

“I’d say I was incredibly lucky, the way I remember landing, I feel lucky I didn’t break my neck.

“I’m struggling to walk properly and I’m sore everywhere.”

Dylan said he had seen CCTV footage from the petrol station of the incident, and it was “playing over and over” in his mind.

He said he was reluctant to return to work and the incident had made him lose faith in people his age.

“The way people are changing; I’m in shock,” he said.

“I’ve lost trust in the fact that I appeal to people’s better nature and they throw it back in my face.”

Dylan’s mother, Melanie, said her son’s ordeal had horrified her.

“For $12.50 of petrol, my son could have been killed,” she said.

Dylan described the group as aged between 17-20 and of caucasian appearance.

Boronia Senior Constable Matthew Cook said the car that hit Dylan was found abandoned in The Basin later on Sunday night.

He said police were continuing to investigate and urged anyone with information to contact the station on 9760 6600, or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Extracted from Herald Sun.