WOOLWORTHS has apologised to motorists after a fuel supply error at its Caltex Narellan service station has caused potentially thousands of dollars worth of damage to an unknown number of vehicles.

The wrong type of fuel was administered into diesel tanks at the service station on Wednesday, May 3, at the Camden Valley Way service station. The error was not identified until Friday, May 5. The diesel bowsers were not pumping diesel fuel.

Wayne Walker, of Elderslie, said his three-week-old Mitsubishi Triton company vehicle was affected by the supply error, with his company ute spluttering down the Hume Highway towards Bowral.

“I filled up on the Wednesday (May 3) before setting off to work at Bowral the next day,” he said.

“It was coughing and spluttering the entire way up the freeway, when the car is only three weeks old.”

Other drivers have raised similar problems on Facebook.

A Woolworths spokesman apologised to all customers for the inconvenience caused.

“Woolworths can confirm a supply error resulted in contaminated Vortex Diesel at our Narellan petrol station between May 3 and 5,” he said.

“The affected fuel may in some cases cause vehicle engine idling or stalling and could pose a safety risk.

The spokesman advised all customers who believed they had been impacted to contact the Woolworths customer service team on 1300 655 055.

Mr Walker said his Mitsubishi Triton was due for its first service the following Monday (May 8) and did not drive his vehicle until the date.

“I was lucky there wasn’t too much damage. It was $250 to drain the fuel lines which Woolworths was happy to reimburse,” he said.

“It appears I am one of the luckier ones in this situation.”

The Woolworths spokesman said the fuel at Woolworths Caltex Narellan was now safe to use.

“Customers should be assured that no other Woolworths petrol sites are affected,” he said.

“Woolworths apologises to customers for any experience caused.”

Extracted from Daily Telegraph.